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Kroger Feed Login can be accessed online at Feed.Kroger.com. On that portal, employees can check their Kroger Eschedule online. To use the Kroger Employee Schedule Login, follow the steps given below.

We have listed all the instructions to access the Kroger Schedule Login below. Make sure to follow them. And don’t forget to read the list of requirements for Kroger Employee Login at Feed.Kroger.com.

Kroger Schedule Login: Important Details

Website Name:Kroger Feed Login
Web Address:Feed.Kroger.com
Company Name:Kroger Co.
Purpose of Website:Check Kroger Schedule
RequirementsKroger EUID and Password
Time to Complete Steps:1-2 minutes

What is Kroger Feed Login?

It is a website that Kroger Employees use to check their daily Kroger Eschedule online. Employees can visit the Feed.Kroger.com website to see the login page.

The login steps for Feed.Kroger.com Schedule Login are very simple. Make sure to follow them properly to avoid any errors during the whole process.

Kroger Employee Schedule Login: Requirements

You should have the following things with you to access the Kroger Feed Eschedule Login at Feed.Kroger.com.

  • First, you need a laptop, PC, mobile phone, or tablet
  • Then connect your device to an internet connection
  • Now get your Kroger EUID and Password as well
  • After that, you need the link to the My Eschedule website
  • Feed.Kroger.com


Kroger EUID is also known as Enterprise User ID, so don’t get confused between the two. More so, to get your Kroger Enterprise User ID, you need to contact your Kroger Branch Manager. You will then receive your login credentials to the Kroger Schedule Login.

Feed.Kroger Login: Rules You Should Know

Follow the rules given in the list below during the Kroger Employee Login steps to keep both your personal and employee information safe.

  • You must be a Kroger Employee to access Feed Kroger Login
  • Also, make sure not to share your login credentials with anyone
  • Because doing so will help you keep your information safe
  • Furthermore, you must use the Feed.Kroger.com link to access Kroger Login
  • More so, always use the valid login credentials during the Kroger Feed Login steps

Kroger Feed Login: Complete Steps

Follow the simple instructions listed below to access the Kroger Feed Schedule Login successfully.

  • Now enter your Kroger Enterprise User ID and Password
  • Then make sure to read them to avoid any errors during the login steps
  • After that, read the terms and conditions on which the login is based
  • You should then click the “I AGREE” button to access Feed Kroger Login

How to Check Kroger Eshcedule?

To check your Kroger Work Schedule, follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the Kroger Schedule Login page at Feed.Kroger.com
  • Now follow the above steps and access Kroger Feed Login
  • In the dashboard, click the “MY E-Plan” button at the top
  • By doing so, you will access your Kroger Employee Schedule

What To Do At My Eshcedule Login?

You can do the following tasks at Feed.Kroger.com Schedule Login.

  • Check your daily Kroger Work Schedule online
  • Apply changes to your profile based on your requirements
  • Get in touch with your co-workers online
  • Check your Kroger W2 From as well
  • Get Kroger Employee Exclusive discounts
  • And more

About Kroger Co.

The Kroger Company, or Kroger, operates supermarkets and multi-department shops in the U.S.Bernard Kroger founded Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger has 2,726 grocery retail stores under its different brands and divisions in 35 states and the District of Columbia (782 convenience stores were sold to EG Group in 2018).


Kroger operates 33 food processing or manufacturing plants, 1,613 supermarket fuel centers, 2,525 pharmacies, and 225 in-store medical clinics. Kroger’s headquarters moved to Cincinnati on November 6, 2021.

Kroger Employee Login: Contact Details

  • Kroger Employee Customer Service: 1-800-952-8889
  • Kroger Co. Office Number: 1-800-576-4377
  • Kroger Co. Mailing Address: 1014 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

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Final Verdict

For now, that is all from Kroger Feed Login. If you think, we have missed something important related to Feed.Kroger.com Schedule Login. then let us know via the comment section below. More so, for any other questions, suggestions, or requests, email us at [email protected].